Forgotten Lives


Artist Statement: "Forgotten Lives"

Is it self preservation that makes me obsessed with not letting my subjects be forgotten? Who doesn’t wince at the thought of their life leaving no trace? Who doesn’t ache as the memory of a deceased loved one begins to fade? And yet my gallery is full of subjects with only a photograph as proof of their existence. Through this series I explore the erosion of a life after death; how a bountiful existence can be reduced to a single, deteriorating image. I seek to honor them by bringing them back into the conversation. Who were these people?  What happens when a person ceases to exist, even in memory? Imagine how alive they were, how vivid their thoughts, their self-identity, how they were the center of their reality. How can something as intricate as a life be lost, even to time?

Graphite, oils and artist's resin on wood panel: 2017  |  Email for for purchase inquiries